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What does it take to be the "greenest" auto mall in Northern California? Just ask Boardwalk Auto Mall in Redwood City.

Boardwalk Auto Mall has gone to great lengths to reduce their energy consumption, recycle products, and protect the environment from hazardous materials.

Working with PG&E, Boardwalk Auto Mall has reduced their lighting energy usage by nearly 90%. A large contributing factor has been their conversion to LED exterior lighting.

They also partnered with fellow Redwood City dealers Towne Ford and Hopkins Acura to install 1200 solar panels, the largest endeavor of it's kind on the Peninsula.

Boardwalk Auto Mall is one of a select few dealerships with a Service Department that does not have hazardous waste tanks in the ground, reducing risk of soil and ground water contamination.

So what's the next step?

"We're already adding charging stations for electric cars that will be accessible 24/7," said Kopf.

Boardwalk Auto Mall has also installed a digital reader board which will further reduce their energy usage, while being bigger and brighter than their current signage.